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Here at Dearborn Bortec we are able to offer a wide range of machining services including Precision Deep Hole Gundrilling, Precision Tubing, Pattern Drilling, Honing and CNC machining.  With all of these services in one location we can provide most of your needs from start to finish. No need to send your material from shop to shop to perform various services.  Let us be your one stop shop for all of your machining needs.

Our custom designed Deep Hole Drilling machines in conjunction with our special proprietary processes enable us to provide innovative solutions to complex drilling and machining challenges while holding extremely tight tolerances.  These capabilities make us leaders in Deep Hole Precision Gundrilling.

Precision, the definition of precision is “The Quality, Condition or Fact of being Exact and Accurate”.  Here at Dearborn Bortec we build this definition directly into our processes to achieve an outcome that is second to none.

Our Precision Tubing process consistently holds tolerances well above the industry standards and .002 Total Runout is an inherent result to what we hold even in the toughest of Shape Memory Alloys.  The name Dearborn was the industry leader in this process and Bortec has continued that throughout its growth process.

Our Services

Precision Deep Hole Drilling

Precision Gundrilling technology was developed by our founder Howard K. Dearborn. This unique and specialized technology enables us to maintain tight tolerances at great depths for both fluid passages and wire-ways in many of today’s Super Alloys, Inconels, MP35N,  Titanium, 17-4 and other Non-Magnetic Alloys and Specialty Metals.

Pattern Drilling

Pattern drilling is the process of drilling an array of multiple holes possibly consisting of various sizes, depths, dimensions and orientations while maintaining tight tolerances on all aspects of the holes.

Precision Tubing

Precision Tubing is the process of drilling truly straight and consistent holes in various metals such as Nitinol, MP35N, and other Medical Grades of High-Performance Stainless Steels.


Honing capabilities currently consist of being able to hone as small as .200” diameter up to 1.00” diameter in lengths from as short as 2” and as long as 62”. We can hold surface finishes to as low as 12 Micro Finish.

CNC Machining

We offer a full complement of Turn Key CNC Machining processes with a Milling Platform of 40” x 20” x 20” and CNC Turning Platforms of 16” maximum diameter x 32″ lengths. We provide these services to many different industries including Aerospace, Medical, Oil/Natural Gas, and Microwave/Semiconducting.

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